Friday, February 29, 2008

New Ride Website

It's coming along... check it out.

Lots of good info, and check back often as we add more.

(if you notice your ride history is wrong, or out of date, send me an email and let me know)

I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ride ideas

Since Nichole is bored & I'm thinking about it, let's talk training rides! Mike said he'd take ideas, so here seems like a good place. I'd host a ride or two in the southern part of our region. I'm pretty blessed in that I have some roads with great shoulders in the area. Division (10th, or old 131) is great from county line to county line. Additionally 142nd is similar from Division West out to about 35th (further West no shoulder.) 142nd can get pretty busy, but Division is surprisingly quiet & a pretty ride.
I'll investigate loops, but both Wayland to Plainwell (and back) and Wayland to 142nd West to 35th (and back) are about 30 miles. Wayland all the way down to business 131 (heading into Kzoo) is a 50 mile round trip.
I'd also like doing the KalHaven or some mountain biking in Yankee Springs.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm Bored.

Someone start talking to me about bikes and stuff.

And look at this picture and smile. :)

Monday, February 18, 2008


First off...........I wanna thank everyone that came out for the Ultimate Cycling Challenge here in H-Land over the weekend. Our team was one of 44 that helped raise about $40K for the fight against cancer and we had a blast doin' it!

Public Call Out:

Ross Schueller (New Guy - DV '08)
Joe Schmeider (DV '05, '06, '07 '08)
Kevin Owens (DV '07, '08)
Derek Dykstra (AV '05, DV '06, WF '07, DV '08)
Peggy Essenburg (DV '06, WF '07, AV '08)
Linda Thompson-Poeder (New "Guy" - Undecided '08)
Scott Thompson (Ditto)
Jack Clark (WF '07, AV '08)
Katie Clark (DV '06, '07, '08)
Steve Clark (Ditto)
Sarah Bentley (DV '05, '06, '07, '08, )
Ted Bentley (DV '07, '08)
Rob Andro (DV '06, '07, '08)
oh yeah................and me!

Thanks to Tom, Mary and Linda for stoppin' by w/ support and good vibes and company.

Hopefully someone got some pix and they'll be up here soon.

The party @ Steve-n-Katie's was a blast yesterday! Thanks to all that braved the slush to come out. We had 4 potential or for sure new riders as well as 20-some veterans. Good food too!

Only 24 1/2 weeks 'til we leave for Asheville!!!!!!!!!!

You guys rock, have I mentioned that?


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Time for the Kick-Off Party

Hope to see everyone at Steve and Katie's house this Sunday. If you need directions contact Mary at Bring any interested rider friends with you. Our team has grown to nearly 75 riders!! But we can't stop until we have the Wisconsin team beat!! Bring a dish to pass and any pictures from past rides. See you soon!