Sunday, May 26, 2013


'Twas an eclectic group of JDRF warriors that gathered @ Ada Park earlier today for our Team Ride. Coach Did and I were kinda thrilled to see so many folks there (given the Holiday Weekend n' all) and the new faces and new guests were both way awesome!

We rode the traditional out-n-back from Ada down to Saranac w/ an optional "Hilly Extension Option" luring a few further south on the return leg. The weather was perfect (even from the warped point of view of a dude that just spent a week in desert temps and sun) and back at the park we shared chips, cookies and cold drinks - as well as fellowship and tall tales.

Roll Call:

Team members Kim M, Sue W, LTP, the Ninja, Linda C, Coach Did, Greg and Simon S, Paul B and meself.

Special Guest Stars Natalie B, John D, Kelli, Jennifer, Mike and Diane-from-Florida (who is riding La Crosse for a Florida Chapter but summering here in the Mitten - if on the east side)

Everyone rode well and had a blast!

The NEXT TEAM RIDE is Sunday 6/9. It's the traditional ride from Eldean's Marina here in Holland and you know what THAT means! (start/finish on the lake, pool open afterwards, JD grillin' brats and chicken.....yeah!)

So - make sure that date is marked in red on your calendars and keep up the riding, fund raising and general rocking that y'all are famous for!

You guys DO rock, you know that, right?

Coach MC

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I know that our Team Rides are the Coolest Rides That Exist (w/ the possible exception of the actual Ride to Cure events) but there just ain't enough of 'em! So - as an alternative or an addition to the Team Rides - here are some group rides happening around the 616 that'll get'cha more miles.

(Note - as these aren't "official" Team Rides you might not find a one of your coaches or even (shudder!!) anyone else in a JDRF jersey. So you need to be somewhat self-sufficient - a great idea in any case. I'm listing these rides 'cuz I believe that members of our team will enjoy 'em - no aggressive testosterone - drenched hammerfests here!)

Monday - our sponsoring shop also sponsors the Rapid Wheelmen Time Trials from Ada Park. A time trial is a race against the clock - so it's just you going as fast as you can. For those of you looking for a new challenge - or for a great way to gauge the progress of your training they can be very valuable. (Not gonna lie - they kinda hurt). You'll see plenty of teammates  - Susanne, Kaat, Tom and Ian Scheidel and myself amongst them. There's no fee to enter - but you hafta be a member of the Rapid Wheelmen. (a 1-time $30 cost). They run all summer and registration is from 5:30-6:15 w/ the 1st rider starting @ 6:30. It's a fairly flat 15 mile course and there are lots of prizes @ the end of the season.

There's also the MCC (Macatawa Cycling Club) ride from the Aquatic Center in Holland @ 6pm. There are several groups for different abilities. I'm a tad hesitant to include this ride because the track record for embracing the less-than-zippy rider has been spotty and I haven't ridden it this season. (If anyone has some input please share!)

Tuesday - There's a new-and-growing ride from our sponsor GRBC's Gaslight shop. It rolls @ 6:30 sharp, covers 25-ish miles and offers a 20+ mph group and one @ a 16-17mph pace. We'll add a 3rd group as required.

In Holland Velo City offers their ride - but...again...I've heard grapevine grumblings about this one too. (Again - feedback please if you have it!) 6pm. Several groups.

Wednesday - Past-n-Future team mate Jeff W hosts a ride from the City Flats hotel in Holland. They roll @ 6pm for anywhere from 25-40 miles. Pace is in the 17-18mph range.

Thursday - The Shut Up & Ride Club (in Holland) continues the tradition of Jan's Ride - a 25-ish mile loop and breakfast afterwards. The pace is usually around the 17-18mph range but the group's pretty accommodating to folks that wanna go faster or slower. It meets @ the Good Earth Café on 7th Street @ 8:30am.

Tom Miller hosts a ride from his house @ 11881 Mistral Lane in GH @ 6pm. Nice route, nice group, (2 if required) and beers on the deck afterwards.

Friday - Another SU&RC ride - the Bagel Ride rolls from the same place @ 8am. The route is usually around 30 miles and the pace is usually in the 18-19mph range. Bagels and such afterwards? But of course!

Saturday - There's a nice ride from GRBC's East Paris shop that usually includes some hills and a stop at fellow team riders Sarah and Peter's sweet lil' eatery in Ada for gourmet doughnuts. We roll @ 8am, cover 35-ish miles and the pace is generally 17-19mph.

Please - if you host a ride or know of others that you think we should share w / the team please respond to this post to let folks know!

Okay you Rockin' RockStars......keep it up!

Coach MC

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Annual T-shirt Design Contest - Entries due May 25

Team West Michigan creates a team t-shirt each year, provided to riders free of charge and available for purchase for friends, family, supporters, donors, etc.

These shirts are usually worn sometime during the Ride event weekend, and often team members will wear them as they volunteer at events or attend cycling 'stuff.'

The 2013 Team West Michigan Ride to Cure Diabetes T-shirt Contest is Now Open

When:  Get your design in by Sunday, May 26

What:  You can hand draw, use a computer program or ask a designer (screen print shops usually have them on staff). Please have a JPG file prepared to send for submission. If your design doesn't assume a t-shirt color, please provide that in your email.

What information is needed on the shirt:  
  • JDRF
  • West Michigan or Michigan Great Lakes West
Most shirts also have the year and the ride logo (below) too. But these aren't required.

How:  Send your t-shirt idea to Katie Clark by May 26. Again, JPG is preferred.

What You Win: Bragging rights! And seeing your design on the World's Coolest Team.

Once all entries are in, we'll post them here and the voting opens. Good Luck

Past winners:




Whatcha Wearing?

Riding bikes is fun, but looking good while you're doing so is even more fun. Here's some information on what people are wearing for various Ride events... 

Ride Day jersey

Every rider participating in the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes receives a ride day jersey. It's really special to look around and see hundreds of people, all there to celebrate a ton of money being raised for JDRF to help cure, treat, and prevent T1D! There is no out-of-pocket cost to riders for this jersey. The chapter will order your jersey for you and ensure you have it before you go to your ride destination.
If you've ridden in years past, you should know that the sizing of this particular jersey type is different from before. Use this chart to double check your measurements to ensure you don't need to change your size. (Hint, at last weekend's team ride, many folks tried on samples and many are bumping their size up one).   

Riders selected a jersey size at time of registration. If you would like to double check or change your jersey size you selected when you signed up for the ride, contact Katie Clark ASAP (these are being ordered SOON!).

West Michigan Team Jersey
Team West Michigan team has its own jersey. These a usually worn on team training rides, at cycling events (represent!), and usually on the tune-up ride at your ride destination. This jersey has an out-of-pocket rider cost of just $48 (and if you've been jersey shopping, you know that's a great deal) if 10 items are purchased team-wide.

Pricing and sizing information may be found here. Yes, there are a ton of cool options with this design, and your order of anything works toward our goal of at least 10. The first item, the CS Tech Short Sleeve Jersey, is what you see above.  Any other items ordered will be in the same color scheme as the jersey above.

Ordering:  The team will make one order. Katie Clark will collect all order requests and money, compile all the items requested and make one purchase (in hopes of getting to 10 pieces).  Please email Katie with your order (assume we'll make it to that  "CS10" column pricing)  what you think your subtotal is. She'll double check it, and will email you back her address to send a check.   
We need to get the order in soon - so please get your order list to Katie by Sunday, May 18!

T1D Rider Jersey
New this year: A jersey just for T1D riders will be available (no cost to you, or our chapter). If you have T1D and would like the T1D Rider jersey, let Katie Clark know! *Sorry, no image available yet
Questions? Let us know!

Sunday, May 5, 2013


'Twas a rowdy n' ready crew that gathered @ Rosy Mound Natural Area this morning - ready and willing to saddle up and punch ol' T1D where it hurts again.

6 of us (Coach Did, Brad S, Ross S, Kaat T,  Kevin C and I) met @ 9:00 for some "prelim" miles - heading south along Lakeshore and wandering into the Olive Hills area courtesy of Brad's suggestion. (There's an awesome little boardwalk out to a pier back there - who knew?) (Answer - Brad did!)

Anyway - we headed back to meet up w/ the gang for the "official" Team Ride and were rewarded w. many faces indeed...all seeking BikeFace. The roll call:

Katie, Steve, Anna & Ellie C
Becky and Chris M
Coach Did
Michelle "Please don't call me Carps" C
Kaat T
Newly minted DOCTOR Patti B
Heather A
Ross S
June and Scott W
Kevin C
Brad S
Linda C
Tom M
Greg and Simon S
and yours truly.

Everyone rode well - progress was made and miles were ridden. Upon arrival back at the park we all loaded up and headed over to Kirsten & Coach Did's new crib to celebrate their new casa on Cinco de Mayo. Many tacos were consumed, along w/ cookies, brownies, cake and various other confections.

In short - 'twas a FANTASTIC day and I can't wait for the next ride!

(And when might that be, you ask? The next official ride will be on 5/26 but there's a high likelihood of a Mom's Day Ride too!)

Ride on you rock stars!

Coach MC