Sunday, May 5, 2013


'Twas a rowdy n' ready crew that gathered @ Rosy Mound Natural Area this morning - ready and willing to saddle up and punch ol' T1D where it hurts again.

6 of us (Coach Did, Brad S, Ross S, Kaat T,  Kevin C and I) met @ 9:00 for some "prelim" miles - heading south along Lakeshore and wandering into the Olive Hills area courtesy of Brad's suggestion. (There's an awesome little boardwalk out to a pier back there - who knew?) (Answer - Brad did!)

Anyway - we headed back to meet up w/ the gang for the "official" Team Ride and were rewarded w. many faces indeed...all seeking BikeFace. The roll call:

Katie, Steve, Anna & Ellie C
Becky and Chris M
Coach Did
Michelle "Please don't call me Carps" C
Kaat T
Newly minted DOCTOR Patti B
Heather A
Ross S
June and Scott W
Kevin C
Brad S
Linda C
Tom M
Greg and Simon S
and yours truly.

Everyone rode well - progress was made and miles were ridden. Upon arrival back at the park we all loaded up and headed over to Kirsten & Coach Did's new crib to celebrate their new casa on Cinco de Mayo. Many tacos were consumed, along w/ cookies, brownies, cake and various other confections.

In short - 'twas a FANTASTIC day and I can't wait for the next ride!

(And when might that be, you ask? The next official ride will be on 5/26 but there's a high likelihood of a Mom's Day Ride too!)

Ride on you rock stars!

Coach MC

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