Friday, January 25, 2013


Hey Team!

Just gimme an idea if you plan on makin' the scene @ Tom Miller's house this Sunday - either for the Indoor Ride or just to socialize and eat - it's all good!

Just text me (616-610-0334) or drop me a line ( if ya could.

Much obliged!
Coach MC

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Team Indoor Ride this Sunday!

Get your trainer and bike out and c'mon over and join your teammies for a good sweat-n'-spin session this Sunday!

We'll ride for 60-90 minutes and then re-fuel on pasta and other yummy goodies.

No trainer? - let MC or Derek know ( /

MC's making baked spagetti - please bring something to go alongside that to share. 

And yes - it's a "No Drop" ride!

When - Sunday 1/26,  5:00-7:30(ish)PM

Where - Tom Miller's Pain Cave - 11881 Mistral, Grand Haven

Who - You and anyone you wanna bring!

Why - to break a sweat, to see your friends, to eat lotsa pasta guilt-free.

See you there! Questions? Coach MC -616 610 0334 /

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


And that mean's it's time to rock AND roll! I just got back from scoutin' the course in Nashville and then a quick trip down to Cincy to help their team kick off the season so I am ALL kinds of excited.

2013 is gonna be the biggest and best year ever and it's time for the World's Coolest Team to put it in the big ring and put another whuppin' on Type 1.

There's plenty to talk about here - please bear with me.

First and foremost - 2013 Registration opens this coming Tuesday at noon. Yep. Then. Earlier than ever.
Why register ASAP? 2 HUGE reasons -

#1 - Odds are good that both Nashville and Death Valley will fill up. DV is limited to 300 riders by the Park Service, no slack there a'tall. There's no actual rider limit in Nash-Vegas but the facilities (hotels and such) are gonna limit us to 400-some riders. With alla the buzz all over the Us of A about the Music City - you're better off registering sooner than later!

#2 - As soon as you register you can commence the fund-raising proper! Your on-line page is the easiest way for most folks to donate and it'll be ready! (A free prize to whomever texts me w/ the proper movie reference in this paragraph. 616-610-0334)

The other Rides have virtually no limits.....and you can find a wrap-up of all the venues elsewhere on this blog. And - there's info on Nashville (a course write-up, short video and even training ideas) on the Ride to Cure FaceBook page.

And - let's talk about how we're gonna grown this team this year, huh? Recruiting new riders is a Win Win Win for introduce your friends to what an Awesomely Cool Thing we're up to, they get to ride w/ us ;) and together we raise more $ for JDRF! Have you posted something on your FaceBook page asking your friends and fam and especially riding buds to join? Sent out e-mails? I'm gonna!

On top of those 2 MAJOR topics, there are some other things I wanna talk at'cha about....

Linda Thompson-Poeder is looking to get a Team Outing together to go tubing @ the Pando Ski Area in Belding. Let's hear some talk about some dates that'd work!

Coach Did and I are trying to get a venue that'd work for some Team Indoor Training Rides, where we culd set up a  buncha trainers as get our sweat on. The date for the the first one is 1/27.....stay tuned. (Got an idea for a place that may work? Let Derek or I know!)

Speaking of Indoor Rides - Tom Miller hosts one @ his place on Wed nights @ 7:00. Join us!

Annnnnnd - We're doing a Team @ the Ultimate Cycle Challenge again. This is a 24 hour indoor relay spin to benefit Livestrong. (Hey - they've had a tough winter, let's help them out.) It runs from 8pm Friday March 1st to 8pm Saturday. There are live bands (mine kicks it off on Friday night) and its weirdly fun. And a great way for us to fly our JDRF flag!
Wanna ride? Here's how it works:
Go to and hit "register".
Join the "JDRF West Michigan" team.
Contact me ( to pick your time slot. (Usually an hour but you can ride longer if ya wanna) Obviously the sooner you register the better the choice of time slots.
No trainer? No worries, got'cha covered!
Cost? $35 and you get a tee shirt and snacks.

Questions? Contact me!

Okay - that's enough for now methinks. Let's get registered, recruit some new riders and get this season started!

You guys's gonna be a GREAT year!

Coach Mike