Monday, August 25, 2014


Wow......Coach Did and I were chattin' after yesterday's ride and realized that - in the midst of gettin' ready for La Crosse n' all - neither of us ever wrote up a report after Tour de Taco!


Well - suffice to say that a good time was had by a whole buncha extra-fine folks, many calories both solid and fluid were consumed, many miles were ridden and once again The World's Coolest Team flexed its muscles and showed its stuff!

And that brings us to yesterday's ride....hosted by our good friends (and hopefully future teammates!) the Weningers at their lovely cottage down on Barlow Lake in Middleville. It was a perfect day to roll some miles, gobble some burgers n' brats n' dogs and play in the lake!

Doing egg-zac-lee that were:

Vern VH
Steve, Ellie and Anna C
Scott W
SGS Ginger D
Tom & Mary S
Suzy D
Paul & Nic C
Chris, Becky & Katelyn M
Coach Did
Linda C

and me!

(Joinin' us for eatin' and hangin' were Katie C and Cathy C!

We did a 30 and 20 mile loops - both of which were....umm....roll-y and then hit the deck and the lake!

It was a perfect day and we took full advantage!

Next Team Ride is 9/14 - hosted by Megan for details!

Ride on're the best!