Saturday, November 29, 2008

Indoor Training Rides Start in December!

Hey ya'll! Our shop Indoor Training Rides commence this comin' Wednesday and will continue through the winter. There's no charge ( I'll get to that) and you can join us as often or a seldom as you wanna! Here's the scoop:

When - Wed night and Sat morning @ 8:00.
Where - Here @ the shop. (Velo City in Downtown Holland)
What - 45-90 minutes of dorected inddor training using a variety of Spinerval and other DVD's from our collection.
Who - Anyone w/ a trainer, a bike and the desire to sweat!
Why - 2 words. Killington Vermont!
How - Be here on time, get'cher bike and trainer set up and go for it! I'll set up a schedule of which DVDs we do when and the sweat will roll! It's a ton of fun and WAY more enjoyable than toiling away by yourself in the basement!

Details - You can store your bike and trainer here @ the shop for a one time donation of any size to JDRF.

While I'm (sort of ) on the subject...if anyone isn't getting our shop newsletter (the "Quick Release") and would like you'll be up on all the rides, events, sales, etc....either go to and sign up or drop me a line ( and I'll make it happen.

Keep riding!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The trailer is posted

The movie trailer we watched at the party on Saturday night has been posted to YouTube. Here's the link: We are also taking a break from our "Death Valley Ride" blog and have started a new blog called "More Than 100 Miles...". That site will follow our training for Vermont as well as post updates on how the documentary is coming along. A first bit of news is that Todd Herring, lead singer of Craic Wisely, will be doing some original music for the film. More later. Ride On!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Talk About a Party!

Holy Cow! Never, and I mean never, let it be said that JDRF's Coolest Team doesn't know how to party! What a blast! Thanks for everyone for makin' the trip, thanks to Tom, Mary, Derek, Katie and Nicole for doin' the majority of the work (Keep in mind that I wasn't around for the clean-up, so I apologize if I left anyone out) and thanks to every single member of our Team - riders, family, friends, donors......................for making 2008 our best year ever!

Lin and I had a complete hoot...............the food was awesome, the crowd was rockin', there was all sorts (and I mean ALL!) of singing (I still have that "Loving Feeling" song in my head) and the memories of that night...and all it stands for......will keep us warm for many a winter's cold evening!

I haven't shut my new picture frame down and I don't plan to. Thanks again and again and again!

So much I wanted to say that much I'd like to say now.....words fail me. I'll just say thanks again for EVERYTHING all you guys have done and will do and thanks again and forever for allowing Lin and I to come along for the ride!

You guys completely and profoundly rock, have I told you that lately?


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday Benefit Party Invite!

I know........your mind is on OUR party (and who could blame you?) but believe it or not, life WILL go on after this weekend and here's a Cool Thing To Do:

A riding buddy of mine puts together a big party to benefit the Mel Trotter Mission in downtown GR. Legend has it that when he asked the director down there what they needed most he was told "We need socks and underwear 24/7, year 'round". Thus - entry to this event is just that - packs of warm socks and/or underwear. (Men's). This bash has outgrown Founder's and will take place this year @ McFadden's, a cool pub across the street from Van Andel (right next to Cindy's favorite pre-Van Andel waterin' hole) in their upstairs room. There will be snacks, a cash bar..........and more area cyclists than you've seen together since the Holland Hundred! One of the coolest things about this bash from my point of view is how it brings all the different pieces of the West Michigan cycling scene'll see folks from every shop, every club, every team....roadies, 'crossers, trial riders, name it.

So - it seems to me that you oughta be able to see a goodly hunk o' JDRF's Coolest Team there too, don'cha think?

Wed. 12/17 from 7:00pm 'til ???????????????
There will be snacks and such and a cash bar.

Oh yeah.......The Last Call Band will be performing as well.

So....gimme a shout if you need more details aor have any questions.

Monday, November 17, 2008

2009 Rides

The 2009 rides are posted. West Michigan was featured in the Tucson picture. Can you find yourself? Looking forward to the party this weekend and getting fired up about the ride for next year!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday the 23rd...

So next Sunday, the day after the team party (which you'll be attending, right? I'm makin' baklava!), we have a potential group activity. Three of our teammates will be engaged in that uniquely self-abusive form of cycling known as cyclocross racing, starting at around 11 am at Manhattan Park in Grand Rapids. Howsabout we all grab our cowbells and caravan over to watch Ross, Jasker, and of course Coach Mike get themselves throughly dirty?

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I offer you these words, courtesy of DV vet JD Stone.....

"If you want to travel quickly - go alone.
If you want to travel far - go together"
African Proverb

To which JD added @ the bottom "Anyone that rode in Death Valley knows this to be true".

I look forward to traveling together with you guys!

See you Saturday night I hope!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Okay, so it's not 'til the end of February, IS approaching and it's time to start thinking about it! Registration is open and they are going to limit it to the forst 50 teams this year. I'm going to sign us up and then we can figure out the details later.

For anyone that missed it in years past - here's the scoop: This is a 24 hour indoor cycling event to benefit the Lance armstrong Foundation. It takes place @ Ultimate Fitness here in H-land and it runs from 8:00pm Friday to (strangely enough) 8:00pm Saturday on Feb 20-21. We used it last year as a way to get folks interested in our Team and to have a good time. Shucks - it was we met Scott and Linda for the 1st time! I think we could probably get 2 or more teams togther if we wanted to! It's a minimum donation of $30 a head and you get a t-shirt and a lot of support.

I'll take care of registering us as a team, we won't have to get them a roster until February. We can do 1 or 2 hours stints on the trainer and I'll set up a sign up sheet when folks start getting back to me to claim a time slot.

Go to for more details, or contact me!

I hope to see EVERYONE @ the party next week! Can't wait!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

While it's no 'Twitpicing'... is still pretty funny. I might try to Simultube next year at the Ride.


Whassup w/ that? Too much politics? Everyone bored w/ the whole Team Thing? Killington and/or DV seem so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o far away?

Nonsense says I! We have a Big Time Party comin' up in 17 days and I can't wait! Let there be laughter and tears! Let there be silliness and hugs! Let there be talk of who, what, when and where for 2009! Let the overall power and style of the West Michigan Team put last night's Grant Park Party to shame!

Okay...maybe not....but's time to celebrate the wonder that was this Team in 2008 and to "keep it in the big ring" as we kick off '09!

I hope to see everyone @ the Big Bash on the 22nd. Keep riding and spreadin' the word........let's make 2009 the Best Year Ever, okay?