Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday Benefit Party Invite!

I know........your mind is on OUR party (and who could blame you?) but believe it or not, life WILL go on after this weekend and here's a Cool Thing To Do:

A riding buddy of mine puts together a big party to benefit the Mel Trotter Mission in downtown GR. Legend has it that when he asked the director down there what they needed most he was told "We need socks and underwear 24/7, year 'round". Thus - entry to this event is just that - packs of warm socks and/or underwear. (Men's). This bash has outgrown Founder's and will take place this year @ McFadden's, a cool pub across the street from Van Andel (right next to Cindy's favorite pre-Van Andel waterin' hole) in their upstairs room. There will be snacks, a cash bar..........and more area cyclists than you've seen together since the Holland Hundred! One of the coolest things about this bash from my point of view is how it brings all the different pieces of the West Michigan cycling scene'll see folks from every shop, every club, every team....roadies, 'crossers, trial riders, name it.

So - it seems to me that you oughta be able to see a goodly hunk o' JDRF's Coolest Team there too, don'cha think?

Wed. 12/17 from 7:00pm 'til ???????????????
There will be snacks and such and a cash bar.

Oh yeah.......The Last Call Band will be performing as well.

So....gimme a shout if you need more details aor have any questions.


Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

We went to this last year at Founder's. Big fun, lots of cyclists, some still wearing spandex.

club-velo said...

I can't tell if that "spandex" comment was supposed to be good or bad........