Monday, November 24, 2008

Talk About a Party!

Holy Cow! Never, and I mean never, let it be said that JDRF's Coolest Team doesn't know how to party! What a blast! Thanks for everyone for makin' the trip, thanks to Tom, Mary, Derek, Katie and Nicole for doin' the majority of the work (Keep in mind that I wasn't around for the clean-up, so I apologize if I left anyone out) and thanks to every single member of our Team - riders, family, friends, donors......................for making 2008 our best year ever!

Lin and I had a complete hoot...............the food was awesome, the crowd was rockin', there was all sorts (and I mean ALL!) of singing (I still have that "Loving Feeling" song in my head) and the memories of that night...and all it stands for......will keep us warm for many a winter's cold evening!

I haven't shut my new picture frame down and I don't plan to. Thanks again and again and again!

So much I wanted to say that much I'd like to say now.....words fail me. I'll just say thanks again for EVERYTHING all you guys have done and will do and thanks again and forever for allowing Lin and I to come along for the ride!

You guys completely and profoundly rock, have I told you that lately?



Cindy said...

It was a great time, I think this should absolutely become and annual party. It was blast! It was so nice to meet families we hadn't had a chance to meet before. It gave our families an idea of how much this whole thing really means, a little of the "family" feeling this team really has. I know my husband knows how much I love you guys and the whole program and this just helped him understand a little better why I do!

Linda TP said...

It was a blast (as expected)and I am dying to see some pictures!
The food was all yummy...Whoever made the enchilada with the rice dish, the brownie/banana dessert and the casserole that had corn in it, could you pass along the recipes? would be appreciated!
Love you guys! Linda

Jack said...

Wow. I am completely honored to be a part of such an incredible group of people. As Mike has put it, I cannot put into words how extremely awesome my JDRF ride family is. If this is a cult, I'm drinkin' the Kool Aid. Have a great holiday & I look forward to the awesome rides in 2009 (& hopefully I will see some of ya's on our trainers this winter).

Much love. jc

did said...

I'm still full.