Saturday, November 29, 2008

Indoor Training Rides Start in December!

Hey ya'll! Our shop Indoor Training Rides commence this comin' Wednesday and will continue through the winter. There's no charge ( I'll get to that) and you can join us as often or a seldom as you wanna! Here's the scoop:

When - Wed night and Sat morning @ 8:00.
Where - Here @ the shop. (Velo City in Downtown Holland)
What - 45-90 minutes of dorected inddor training using a variety of Spinerval and other DVD's from our collection.
Who - Anyone w/ a trainer, a bike and the desire to sweat!
Why - 2 words. Killington Vermont!
How - Be here on time, get'cher bike and trainer set up and go for it! I'll set up a schedule of which DVDs we do when and the sweat will roll! It's a ton of fun and WAY more enjoyable than toiling away by yourself in the basement!

Details - You can store your bike and trainer here @ the shop for a one time donation of any size to JDRF.

While I'm (sort of ) on the subject...if anyone isn't getting our shop newsletter (the "Quick Release") and would like you'll be up on all the rides, events, sales, etc....either go to and sign up or drop me a line ( and I'll make it happen.

Keep riding!


Brian J. said...

i'm one of the few who actually ENJOYS the indoor rides. there's something about the efficiency of the whole ordeal that I find appealing. hope to see lots of you there over the winter.

Jack said...

I too enjoy indoor rides. But 90 minutes?!? I can usually keep up with Coach Troy for about 60 minutes. Maybe with a larger group I can get in the extra 30 minutes. But with just me, Herb & Coach Troy, I'm done @ 60.

Brian J. said...

oh, there would be enough smack talk to keep you 'n' herb motivated! no question...

club-velo said...

I'm wit'choo Jack! At home on my own (or even enjoying the coimpany of someone as cool as Herb) I'm good for m-a-y-b-e an hour but here.....w/ my peeps? We've done several 3 hour + workouts and I even liked 'em!

Sick - I know - and yet.......strangely enjoyable!