Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Since I started doing JDRF rides back in '05 I started logging my miles to this site www.bikejournal.com . It has been extremely helpful in keeping me motivated. Logging my miles after each ride and keeping a journal of the rides has helped me a lot in my training. I also include indoor training miles since those are the most brutal. I set up a club on the site called JDRF West Michigan if you want to join and you will be able to see how many miles everyone else is doing.


ZipMike said...

I logged on Bikejournal.com this year too with my Steelcase buddies. It's interesting how seeing the miles ridden by your teammates creates a little competition. I also found it handy to let my supporters know how much I'm training.

Jack said...

Awesome. Thanks Paul. This will be huge motivation to keep on the bike. I'm hoping to get at least 2700 miles on the saddle in '09 & this will be a great way to keep tabs.