Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Mukluk Day Out

OK, so, Mukluks. What's a Mukluk? It's a fatbike. What's a fatbike, then? This:

A fatbike is a machine for taking you freakin' ANYWHERE. Superficially, they're mountain bikes, but instead of 2ish inch tires, these are built around silly-huge 4 or even 5 inch wide rubber. All that tire means you can run single-digit air pressure, and that means you float over sand, snow, glop, whatever.

Sand? Wherever might one find sand in Western Michigan??? Well, I found some today!

Yeah, those are my tracks, there. Note how I sink in much less than a person walking! Oh, and, check out my sweet stem cap:

Next summer I aim to ride over the beach, into the water, and out to the sand bar. With tires like these, I think my chances are pretty dang good!

So, Mukkery. It's a whole new way to get yer Bike Face on! And you have the opportunity to win one! $5 per ticket at VCC, and the proceeds go to JDRF. How cool is that?!?!?

Hey, y'all have a great Christmas, OK? See ya soon, I hope...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wanna Win a MukLuk? (And support a team mate?)

If you've been on Coach Did's, Kaat's, JD's or my FaceBook page in the last 2-3 weeks you are well aware that we've all got a pretty flaming case of MukLuk Fever! (If you haven't - and are curious - here's a link for ya:

Anyway - the point here is that you can win one! Uber-team mate and all-around-good-guy Roy Logan has purchased one to be raffled off w/ 100% of the proceeds going to his Ride Account.

Is this the epitome of a "Win-Win" or what? You get a shot at winning a $1600 bike for 5 bucks AND all the $ goes to JDRF!

(Note: since the $ isn't a direct donation to JDRF it's not tax-deductible but big whup, it's 5 bucks, right?)

Anyway - the tickets are available here @ the shop - or you can contact me ( or 616-610-0334) if you need to make other arrangements.

The drawing will be done @ 5pm on 2/29/12.
You need not be present to win.
You can buy as many tickets as ya wanna.
The bike is a Salsa MukLuk 3 - we're gonna try and get the winner the proper size but the bikes are in high demand right now and there may be a delay in doing so. (Jus' sayin')

Questions? you know how to reach me!

Coach Mike