Monday, June 23, 2014


Wow - are we on a roll or what !?!?!?!??! (Har! Another "roll" pun!)

Yesterday's ride had it all - and then some. Hills. Beautiful weather. Hills. Sunshine. Hills. Great food. Hard Cider. Hills. Laughs. Riders from all over. And....yes....a few hills. (Did I mention the hills?)

'Twas a good group that gathered at Sietsema's Orchards out in Ada. I counted 23 riders and more than a few fam and friends takin' advantage of Sarah and Peter's over-the-top-n'-then-some hospitality.

Coach Did did his diabolical thing and came up w/ a couple of loops that offered more than sufficient rollies to get everyone into the mood to consume Peter's taco bar...featuring a veritable bounty of goodies and desserts, all washed down w/ sweet cold hard cider from the orchard.

The cast o' characters:

Chris R
Megan T
Tom n' Mary S
Kevin C
Sarah A
Susanna A (w/ SGS Brad)
Scott n' June W
Lisa B (all the way from Gaylord!)
Melanie G (ditto!)
Vern VH
Jeremy P (who showed up a tad late and did a solo ride then stayed to help party)
SGS Jeremy B
SGS Ginger D
Kirsten D
Linda C
Coach Kaat
Coach Did
and me.

The ride was grand, the company was even better and the food - as I may have previously mentioned - was beyond yummy!

Thanks to Peter and Sarah...thanks to Sietsema's Orchards...thanks to alla y'all that came out to make it the fine day it was.

And thanks to everyone that makes this The World's Coolest Team.....y'all rock like no one else ever has or will!

Next Team Ride - Sunday July 6 from Mullally Park in N. Muskegon. We're thinking an AM ride since it's the weekend of the 4th. Details to follow!

See you on the road!
Coach MC

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


And the streak continues.........! We've been lucky enough to use this particular venue 4-5 times now and the weather is ALWAYS groovy!

And so it was again - after a rainy, cloudy morn the skies cleared and the sun came out to shine down on the World's Coolest Team once again!

MASSIVE Fult-Tilt-Boogie Appreciation to JD and Maggie Stone for being the Hosts With The Most once again!

We had 2 groups - one that did 40-ish miles and one that did 24-ish and then we lounged on the grass, ate handmade jalapeno brats and assorted other goodies.

It was a FINE day indeed!

Roll Call: (See what I did there? "Roll"? HAR!)

Megan T
Brad S
Kevin C
Mike H
Debra W
Kirsten D
Scott W
Tom n' Mary S
Susanne (w/ SGS Brad J)
Linda C
SGS Ginger D (ie "Did's MOM!")
Coaches Kaat, Michelle, Did and yours truly.

So - as great as it was to see 20 of us together - that's still less than 1/2 of our team. Speaking for alla your coaches we sure hope to see you all at the next ride!

Speaking of the "next ride"'s 6/22 @ Sietsema's Orchards in Ada. Our hosts will be Sarah Andro and Peter Davison so we're gonna eat good! (Watch your e-mail and Facebook for details)

Okay - that's all for now. Don't forget alla the great opportunities to ride w/ our supporting shop...(Mon, Tues & Sun night, Fri & Sat morning) and we'll see you out there!

You guys are the best.....the very best there is. You knew that, right?

Rock on,
Coach MC