Tuesday, June 10, 2014


And the streak continues.........! We've been lucky enough to use this particular venue 4-5 times now and the weather is ALWAYS groovy!

And so it was again - after a rainy, cloudy morn the skies cleared and the sun came out to shine down on the World's Coolest Team once again!

MASSIVE Fult-Tilt-Boogie Appreciation to JD and Maggie Stone for being the Hosts With The Most once again!

We had 2 groups - one that did 40-ish miles and one that did 24-ish and then we lounged on the grass, ate handmade jalapeno brats and assorted other goodies.

It was a FINE day indeed!

Roll Call: (See what I did there? "Roll"? HAR!)

Megan T
Brad S
Kevin C
Mike H
Debra W
Kirsten D
Scott W
Tom n' Mary S
Susanne (w/ SGS Brad J)
Linda C
SGS Ginger D (ie "Did's MOM!")
Coaches Kaat, Michelle, Did and yours truly.

So - as great as it was to see 20 of us together - that's still less than 1/2 of our team. Speaking for alla your coaches we sure hope to see you all at the next ride!

Speaking of the "next ride"..............it's 6/22 @ Sietsema's Orchards in Ada. Our hosts will be Sarah Andro and Peter Davison so we're gonna eat good! (Watch your e-mail and Facebook for details)

Okay - that's all for now. Don't forget alla the great opportunities to ride w/ our supporting shop...(Mon, Tues & Sun night, Fri & Sat morning) and we'll see you out there!

You guys are the best.....the very best there is. You knew that, right?

Rock on,
Coach MC

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Katie said...

Sorry we missed it! We were up hanging in Traverse City. We did ride bikes though, so we get partial credit, right?