Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Team Ride Two...

Hey hey hey, it's all warm and stuff outside - let's have us another team ride, OK?

SUNDAY, May 5, right?

11 AM roll-out time
Starting from Rosy Mound Natural Area, just south of Grand Haven - mappitty map here.
20(ish) or 32(ish) miles - shorter options possible, too.


Gotta have more miles? Freaked out about the hundred mile MTB race you signed up for that's coming in like 6 weeks? Love sitting on 6 square inches of synthetic leather? Have we got a deal for you! Show up ready to roll by 9 am from Rosy Mound, and we'll do 20-25 quick miles before the official team ride at 11. How can you resist????

Post ride shindig with taco bar at our house - details will be at the ride, if you don't have them already.

Questions? Bug me!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

THE FIRST TEAM RIDE REPORT OF 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my my my..........T1D you are REALLY in trouble now,  you big jerk! The World's Coolest Team has made it know that you are on their list and it will NOT go well for you.

I almost feel sorry for ya..........almost.

This past Sunday was the 1st gathering of the aforementioned W.C.T......and there was much flexing of muscles, pumping of tires, consumption of chili and such - as befits such an occasion.

We gathered @ the home of Katie, Steve Ellie & Anna Clark (sorry - I forget the cat's names) and after meeting & greeting new friends and past teammates we saddled up for forays ranging from 12-29 miles. The weather sort of co-operated (especially held to this "Spring"s sad standard) and the temps were benign. The wind, however was somewhat less so and suffice to say that all concerned held their own but were okay w/ being done as the homestead hove into view.

The Roll Call:
Greg S (new rider!)
Simon S (ditto!)
Scott W (ditto ditto!)
Kim M (ditto x 3!)
Vern V (ditto again!)
Ellie C (ditto x5!)
Steve C
Katie C
Jeff W (guest star / past rider)
John J
Chris R
Julie R (guest star)
Linda T-P
Kaat T (finishing up her April Century)
Coach Did
Kirsten D
Becky M
Tom M
JD (back this year - yaaaay!)
Tom S
Mary S
Cliff L
Super-stoker Cam L (extra-special guest star / future rider)
Linda C
Andy G (super-special guest star and #1 Bike Room Guy for this year!)
Jason (Andy's teammate)
and - yours truly.

Thanks a ton to  the Clark's for their traditional over-the-top hospitality, to Chris M for takin' one for the team and stayin' behind w/ the young'uns (you KNOW he wanted to roll!) and to everyone that contributed to the post-ride spread.

The next BIG TEAM RIDE is on May 5. Details will be out soon but expect an early ride from the Grand Haven area and then the house-warming bash @ Derek n Kirsten's place afterwards!

Okay - keep rocking like you do / keep fund-raising, recruiting new riders and gettin' some miles in.....I'm lookin' forward to seein' you on Cinco de Mayo if not before!

You guys rock, I've mentioned that, yes?
Coach MC

Friday, April 12, 2013


We'd like to welcome Grand Rapids Bicycle Company as our new bike shop supporter. They have 2 locations - on East Paris (next to Bill & Paul's Sporthaus) & in Gaslight Village on Lovett 'tween Wealthy & Lake.

The owners and staff of the shops (which includes yours truly since 3/1) are happy and excited to back up the World's Coolest Team & JDRF's mission to rid the world of T1D.

We carry bikes from Felt, Cervelo, Jamis and Scott / clothing, helmets and shoes from Louie Garneau and plenty o' cool stuff.

As a member of the aforementioned World's Coolest Team - you'll receive the following discounts from GRBC:

20% off any Felt bike.
10% off any Jamis bike.
10 or 15% of Scott bikes. (It varies w/ the model)
10% storewide on any accessories, clothing, etc.

Also - during the JDRF "Meet & Greet" on Thursday (@ the E Paris shop from 6-8pm) you can order any Scott or Syncros stuff (everything from carbon wheels to floor pumps, shoes to saddles) @ a one-time discount of 20% off.
(Can't make the party? They'll extend the offer for a week)

So - that's the story.

I hope you're riding a bit (despite this lousy weather) and I hope to see all y'all @ the 1st Team Ride of 2013 on 4/21!

Rock on you rollin' rockstars!

Coach MC

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hey Team! 3 HUGE events happening this Saturday (as in "4/13") that you wanna be aware of -

The 2nd Annual Dunecross Race goes down @ Shoreline Township Park in Saugatuck (home of the Felt Mansion). This race is gonna be a blast and if you don't race (which you should re-consider) at LEAST come on down to yell and ring a cowbell and watch the fun!

The C / Fat Bike race goes off @ 11:00 and the B/A race @ noon. Lotsa chances to see friends get all dirty and sweaty and tons of fun in general!

All the proceeds benefit the hungry Ride Accounts of Cliff and Nicole and thus - JDRF!

It's NOT to be missed!

Later that yourself over to East Grand Rapids where the 9th ever Jake's Music Festival takes over the venerable Wealthy Theatre for an evening of fun music from 7 different local acts (including yours truly kickin' things off @ 7:00 w/ my Last Call Band buds) and offers a silent auction, yummy snacks, frosty adult beverages and tons o' fun.

This rockin' event benefits the Ride Accounts of Team Scheidel so c'mon down!


So - izzat a big day or what?!?!?!?

And on Sunday - various members of the team (Kaat, Michelle, Coach Did, lil ol' me) are racing again @ the Fisk Knob Time Trial in Sand Lake. Come up and see us! (Although - truth bew told, there's not a TON to see @ a TT!)

Oh yeah - are you wondering what the THIRD THING is that's happenin' Saturday!!?!?
Linda Clark's Birthday!

Keep rockin' and start rollin' you rockstars!

Coach MC