Wednesday, April 24, 2013

THE FIRST TEAM RIDE REPORT OF 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my my my..........T1D you are REALLY in trouble now,  you big jerk! The World's Coolest Team has made it know that you are on their list and it will NOT go well for you.

I almost feel sorry for ya..........almost.

This past Sunday was the 1st gathering of the aforementioned W.C.T......and there was much flexing of muscles, pumping of tires, consumption of chili and such - as befits such an occasion.

We gathered @ the home of Katie, Steve Ellie & Anna Clark (sorry - I forget the cat's names) and after meeting & greeting new friends and past teammates we saddled up for forays ranging from 12-29 miles. The weather sort of co-operated (especially held to this "Spring"s sad standard) and the temps were benign. The wind, however was somewhat less so and suffice to say that all concerned held their own but were okay w/ being done as the homestead hove into view.

The Roll Call:
Greg S (new rider!)
Simon S (ditto!)
Scott W (ditto ditto!)
Kim M (ditto x 3!)
Vern V (ditto again!)
Ellie C (ditto x5!)
Steve C
Katie C
Jeff W (guest star / past rider)
John J
Chris R
Julie R (guest star)
Linda T-P
Kaat T (finishing up her April Century)
Coach Did
Kirsten D
Becky M
Tom M
JD (back this year - yaaaay!)
Tom S
Mary S
Cliff L
Super-stoker Cam L (extra-special guest star / future rider)
Linda C
Andy G (super-special guest star and #1 Bike Room Guy for this year!)
Jason (Andy's teammate)
and - yours truly.

Thanks a ton to  the Clark's for their traditional over-the-top hospitality, to Chris M for takin' one for the team and stayin' behind w/ the young'uns (you KNOW he wanted to roll!) and to everyone that contributed to the post-ride spread.

The next BIG TEAM RIDE is on May 5. Details will be out soon but expect an early ride from the Grand Haven area and then the house-warming bash @ Derek n Kirsten's place afterwards!

Okay - keep rocking like you do / keep fund-raising, recruiting new riders and gettin' some miles in.....I'm lookin' forward to seein' you on Cinco de Mayo if not before!

You guys rock, I've mentioned that, yes?
Coach MC

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