Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Team Ride number Just After Tahoe

Yeah, hey, let's re-assemble so the new Tahoe veterans can fire up the DV folks, eh?

Team Ride THIS Sunday, September 16, from Case Drive SW in Grandville (I guess we didn't decide if the Machutas or the Clarks were hosting, but seeing as they live across the street from each other it probably doesn't really matter).

Rollout time is NOON, or as soon as we recover our composure after telling some first Tahoe stories.

We're going to ride the standard Clark Loop a couple of times, so you'll be able to go anywhere from 17 to 58 miles. Cool, eh? We'll have plenty of time to talk about the various shades of blue in Lake Tahoe.

Post-ride, we'll gush about Tahoe some more, over chips&salsa and stuff like that.

Sound good? Look for the invite on Facebook, and the usual email...