Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey Team!

Wow! That big yeller spot in that purty blue sky can only mean one thing, huh?




I just wanted to remind y'all of a few important and way cool dates that are comin' up FAST!

April 2, 3, 4 - Ride Venue Webinars. Here's your chance to learn everything you're wondering about Burlington, La Crosse, Tahoe, Nashville, Death Valley or Tucson. Hosted by our esteemed Ride Producer Chuck Hodge - you'll have an opportunity to get any questions answered as well.

April 13 - DuneCross Race @ Shoreline Acres Park / Felt Mansion. This is the 2nd edition of this super-fun event. There will be catagories for Fat Bikes as well as MTN / CX bikes and a ton of fun is guaranteed! This race is hosted by Nicole and Cliff Lewis and benefits their ride accounts. Come to race, come to watch, come to help! Racing starts @ 11:00.                                                                                                
April 13 - Jake's Music Fest. This is the 8th year for this concert and a fund-raiser for Team Scheidel. It takes place at the Wealthy Theatre in GR and the music starts @ 7:00. There's no cover or ticket price - but donations are accepted. (Even encouraged!) The show features a total of 7 acts - commencing w/ yours truly's band kicking things off. There are also drawings, snacks and general coolness going on.

April 21 - Team Ride #1! It's time to get this party started, huh? The traditional First Ride O' The Year happens @ the home of Steve, Katie, Ella and Annie Clark in Grandville @ 2:00. There will be eats and fellowship afterwards. (More details coming soon)

So - how's THAT for a buncha coolness?!?! I'm looking forward to sharing all of this and more w/ you guys!

Ride on!
Coach MC