Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hey Team! 3 HUGE events happening this Saturday (as in "4/13") that you wanna be aware of -

The 2nd Annual Dunecross Race goes down @ Shoreline Township Park in Saugatuck (home of the Felt Mansion). This race is gonna be a blast and if you don't race (which you should re-consider) at LEAST come on down to yell and ring a cowbell and watch the fun!

The C / Fat Bike race goes off @ 11:00 and the B/A race @ noon. Lotsa chances to see friends get all dirty and sweaty and tons of fun in general!

All the proceeds benefit the hungry Ride Accounts of Cliff and Nicole and thus - JDRF!

It's NOT to be missed!

Later that yourself over to East Grand Rapids where the 9th ever Jake's Music Festival takes over the venerable Wealthy Theatre for an evening of fun music from 7 different local acts (including yours truly kickin' things off @ 7:00 w/ my Last Call Band buds) and offers a silent auction, yummy snacks, frosty adult beverages and tons o' fun.

This rockin' event benefits the Ride Accounts of Team Scheidel so c'mon down!


So - izzat a big day or what?!?!?!?

And on Sunday - various members of the team (Kaat, Michelle, Coach Did, lil ol' me) are racing again @ the Fisk Knob Time Trial in Sand Lake. Come up and see us! (Although - truth bew told, there's not a TON to see @ a TT!)

Oh yeah - are you wondering what the THIRD THING is that's happenin' Saturday!!?!?
Linda Clark's Birthday!

Keep rockin' and start rollin' you rockstars!

Coach MC

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