Monday, May 19, 2014


What a great ride! What a fine day! Okay - was it a lil' windy? Yep. Could it have been warmer? Well...sure. But - it was a pretty ok day all in all and 2dozen + of the World's Coolest Team convened at Tom Miller's house up near Grand Haven to celebrate our collective coolness again!

The Roll:
John J
Cliff L
Kirsten D
Tom M
Amy F (!!!!!!!)
Kevin C
Megan T
Linda C
Cindy A
Coach Michelle
Coach Did
Koach Kaat
Coach MC

Special Guest Stars......
Ginger D
Jordan T
Jerry M
John L
Craig Z
Katie Z
and 2, count 'em 2 Mike H!!!

We had or choice of 25 or 35 mile loops and once everyone got back to Tom's our choice of hotdogs or burgers, MC's beans or JD's and a variety of other goodies. We talked, we hung out, we caught up.....and 'twas way cool to have so many of Tom's buddies from his Thursday Night Ride (you DO know about his ride, yes?!??) and in general did that World's Coolest Team Thing that we do so well.

It was wunnerful, in other words.

Next Team Ride is 3 weeks away (boo!) but not to be missed. This'll be our annual gathering at Eldean's Marina out in Holland and THAT means sweet loops along the lakeshore and a cookout alongside Lake Mac. There's a pool too, so barring a recurrence of the Polar Vortext that's an option as well. Watch for more info and an official invite soon!

In the meantime - keep riding (don't forget alla the chances to do that from our sponsoring shop!), keep fund-raising, keep recruiting and keep rockin' like only y'all can do!

See you soon............Coach MC

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