Thursday, December 18, 2008

Training Video

You know, Herb & I spend so much time on trainers during the off-season that it struck me - why haven't we made a neat little training video with the West Michigan JDRF Ride to Cure team hosted by Coach Mike? It wouldn't have to be as high-tech as the Coach Troy videos, but Tom with his video camera & Coach Mike narrating, I think it could be a super-seller. All those jealous non-Coach Mike teams would be begging to buy them from us. A nice little 20-25 mile ride in Ada, or maybe something along the lakeshore would be perfect. It would also be a cool recruitment tool for new riders.

Now I can't make this thing, but if Tom can or somebody else, I'd certainly be your first customer.

Happy Kwanzhanumas everybody! Or if Festivus is your thing, Happy Festivus. I, too, find tinsel distracting.

On a more serious note, Merry Christmas everybody. & have a great New Year.


Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

I'm in if Mike is.

club-velo said...

I can see it w/ a whistle in my mouth and my face beet-red from shouting "C'mon you sissies...CLIMB!!!" at the top of my lungs. Nic tellin' everyone to "Drop and give me 20". A pack of sad-sack-cyclers as they start up Jubilee for the 4th lap - in the big ring and pulling the trailer that Did & Cindy are serving dollar dogs and dollar beers from to the locals.

I like it!
Sundance here we come!

Coach Troy - HTFU!!!!

Cindy said...

A a 4th up Jubilee, I no one would need to pull my $1 dogs, I would be waiting with them at either the top or the bottom! the idea sounds great!