Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Too Quiet!

Hey Ya'll! I know that it's winter and we can't register for the Ride(s) yet and it's cold and it's snowy and all kinds of crappy out but that doesn't mean that the World's Coolest Team is in hibernation!

Ooooohhhh Nooo! Just take a peek here @ some of the stuff that some of your team mates are up to (and think about joinin' the fun!)

Outdoor rides from VCC on Tuesday @ 6:00pm
Yoga for Cyclists @ VCC on Tuesday @ 8:00pm
Indoor Training Rides @ VCC on Wednesday @ 8:00Pm & Saturday @ 8:00AM
The Last Cyclo-Cross Race of the Year this Sunday in Holland @ 11:00AM (followed by a big party @ New Holland hosted by the local club!)
The big Mel Trotter Benefit Party @ McFadden's in GR on Wed 12/17 (featuring the Last Call Band*)
"Holiday Ride" from VCC on 12/21 @ 2:00PM
New Year's Eve Party @ Schiedels!
New Years' Day Ride from VCC @ 1:00PM (1-1-1..get it?)
The Ultimate Cycling Challenge is "only" 10.5 weeks away! I'll have a sign-up sheet goin' soon. We were the 2nd Team to register ('cuz we're from the Planet Awesome!)

That's just a taste....be sure to post up and let everyone know what you're up to, okay?

Coach Mike

(* Those guys are playin' this Friday @ New Holland and Saturday @ the Saugatuck Brewery as well)

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