Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Whatcha Wearing?

Riding bikes is fun, but looking good while you're doing so is even more fun. Here's some information on what people are wearing for various Ride events... 

Ride Day jersey

Every rider participating in the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes receives a ride day jersey. It's really special to look around and see hundreds of people, all there to celebrate a ton of money being raised for JDRF to help cure, treat, and prevent T1D! There is no out-of-pocket cost to riders for this jersey. The chapter will order your jersey for you and ensure you have it before you go to your ride destination.
If you've ridden in years past, you should know that the sizing of this particular jersey type is different from before. Use this chart to double check your measurements to ensure you don't need to change your size. (Hint, at last weekend's team ride, many folks tried on samples and many are bumping their size up one).   

Riders selected a jersey size at time of registration. If you would like to double check or change your jersey size you selected when you signed up for the ride, contact Katie Clark ASAP (these are being ordered SOON!).

West Michigan Team Jersey
Team West Michigan team has its own jersey. These a usually worn on team training rides, at cycling events (represent!), and usually on the tune-up ride at your ride destination. This jersey has an out-of-pocket rider cost of just $48 (and if you've been jersey shopping, you know that's a great deal) if 10 items are purchased team-wide.

Pricing and sizing information may be found here. Yes, there are a ton of cool options with this design, and your order of anything works toward our goal of at least 10. The first item, the CS Tech Short Sleeve Jersey, is what you see above.  Any other items ordered will be in the same color scheme as the jersey above.

Ordering:  The team will make one order. Katie Clark will collect all order requests and money, compile all the items requested and make one purchase (in hopes of getting to 10 pieces).  Please email Katie with your order (assume we'll make it to that  "CS10" column pricing)  what you think your subtotal is. She'll double check it, and will email you back her address to send a check.   
We need to get the order in soon - so please get your order list to Katie by Sunday, May 18!

T1D Rider Jersey
New this year: A jersey just for T1D riders will be available (no cost to you, or our chapter). If you have T1D and would like the T1D Rider jersey, let Katie Clark know! *Sorry, no image available yet
Questions? Let us know!


Tom Scheidel said...

Would other WM items we order through Katie also be in our team colors? For example if I ordered a CS Apex Pro Long Sleeve Skinsuit would it have JDRF and West Michigan graphics on it?

Katie said...

Yes, they said if we submitted an order for something other than the jersey pictured, they'd send us a comp to check out before actually creating it.


jasonsigal said...

I'd be interested in a T1D Jersey if thats doable (you know, given that I'm not on "officially" on the team anymore).

jasonsigal said...

Also, I'd be interested in ordering bib shorts if they're going to match the team jersey.

Katie said...

Jason - your chapter should order your T1D jersey. Each chapter can get a list of their riders and order it. If you don't hear from your chapter staff about it... let us know!

As for the bibs - email me details: size, and link to what you want, and how much you think it'll cost based on 10 pieces (the cheaper price).