Thursday, May 16, 2013


I know that our Team Rides are the Coolest Rides That Exist (w/ the possible exception of the actual Ride to Cure events) but there just ain't enough of 'em! So - as an alternative or an addition to the Team Rides - here are some group rides happening around the 616 that'll get'cha more miles.

(Note - as these aren't "official" Team Rides you might not find a one of your coaches or even (shudder!!) anyone else in a JDRF jersey. So you need to be somewhat self-sufficient - a great idea in any case. I'm listing these rides 'cuz I believe that members of our team will enjoy 'em - no aggressive testosterone - drenched hammerfests here!)

Monday - our sponsoring shop also sponsors the Rapid Wheelmen Time Trials from Ada Park. A time trial is a race against the clock - so it's just you going as fast as you can. For those of you looking for a new challenge - or for a great way to gauge the progress of your training they can be very valuable. (Not gonna lie - they kinda hurt). You'll see plenty of teammates  - Susanne, Kaat, Tom and Ian Scheidel and myself amongst them. There's no fee to enter - but you hafta be a member of the Rapid Wheelmen. (a 1-time $30 cost). They run all summer and registration is from 5:30-6:15 w/ the 1st rider starting @ 6:30. It's a fairly flat 15 mile course and there are lots of prizes @ the end of the season.

There's also the MCC (Macatawa Cycling Club) ride from the Aquatic Center in Holland @ 6pm. There are several groups for different abilities. I'm a tad hesitant to include this ride because the track record for embracing the less-than-zippy rider has been spotty and I haven't ridden it this season. (If anyone has some input please share!)

Tuesday - There's a new-and-growing ride from our sponsor GRBC's Gaslight shop. It rolls @ 6:30 sharp, covers 25-ish miles and offers a 20+ mph group and one @ a 16-17mph pace. We'll add a 3rd group as required.

In Holland Velo City offers their ride - but...again...I've heard grapevine grumblings about this one too. (Again - feedback please if you have it!) 6pm. Several groups.

Wednesday - Past-n-Future team mate Jeff W hosts a ride from the City Flats hotel in Holland. They roll @ 6pm for anywhere from 25-40 miles. Pace is in the 17-18mph range.

Thursday - The Shut Up & Ride Club (in Holland) continues the tradition of Jan's Ride - a 25-ish mile loop and breakfast afterwards. The pace is usually around the 17-18mph range but the group's pretty accommodating to folks that wanna go faster or slower. It meets @ the Good Earth Café on 7th Street @ 8:30am.

Tom Miller hosts a ride from his house @ 11881 Mistral Lane in GH @ 6pm. Nice route, nice group, (2 if required) and beers on the deck afterwards.

Friday - Another SU&RC ride - the Bagel Ride rolls from the same place @ 8am. The route is usually around 30 miles and the pace is usually in the 18-19mph range. Bagels and such afterwards? But of course!

Saturday - There's a nice ride from GRBC's East Paris shop that usually includes some hills and a stop at fellow team riders Sarah and Peter's sweet lil' eatery in Ada for gourmet doughnuts. We roll @ 8am, cover 35-ish miles and the pace is generally 17-19mph.

Please - if you host a ride or know of others that you think we should share w / the team please respond to this post to let folks know!

Okay you Rockin' RockStars......keep it up!

Coach MC

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