Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Cool Thing!

So...this is a heads-up for anyone out there w/ kids 'tween the ages of 4-14 or so. (Or anyone that has kids that age to buy gifts for - ever!)

My friend and riding buddy Aaron VanderWege is an entertainer and that's his audience. He performs all over the area under the moniker of "Dilly Songs" and he's offered to give 100% of the proceeds of the sales (at our shop) of either of his CD's to JDRF!

Heres' the scoop: Stop in at the shop and pick up one or more copies of "Picklehead" or "Bicycles, Monkeys and the Occasional Cat" and you just got your kids a cool buncha songs and did a little bit more to find a cure.

How cool is that?

(A couple of the cuts on "Bicycles, etc" feature guitar by someone you might know)

Help us get the word out, huh? (He's workin' on a press release - we just got this set up last night)

More about Aaron @

Ride on!


Linda TP said...

Hey much are they going for? If I picked up a pile, I wonder if I could try to sell them at my kids elementary school?

MC said...

Linda....good question! I wanted to check w/ Aaron before I mentioend any numbers. We're gonna go w/ the ever-popular "minimum donation of 10 bucks".