Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm headin' over to the UCC in about 10 minutes. Remember - if you can stop in any time 'tween 8pm tonight and 8pm tommorow to "take a sip" and cheer on your team mates - I'd encourage you to do so! There's lotsa live entertainment too (I recommmend the Last Call Band tonight @ 8pm and Funktion tomorrow @ 4:30pm.)

Members of the Team that you might see riding include: JD Stone, Tom Miller, Kevin Owens, Kris Bentley-Courterier, John Jasker, Cathy "Kaat" Tahy, Brad Spooner, Katie Clark, Coach Derek, Kirsten Dykstra, Lynne Gallagher, Sarah Andro, Linda Clark and my-own-tired-self. We'll be there flyin' the JDRF colors and makin' the scene.

C'mon down!

Evergreen Commons is @ 480 State Street in Holland.

See you there!


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