Monday, December 17, 2012

WHY I WORK @ VAN ANDEL (In case you were curious)

As we head into winter (once referred to quaintly as the "off season") I've already seen evidence that as a Team we're at risk of letting a great fund-raising opportunity slip through our fingers.

And that would be a shame!

Over the past 5 (?) seasons working the concession stands @ The Van Andel Arena in downtown GR has been a Godsend - and the primary if not only source of $ for a goodly # of our riders.

"Working VA" offers up some other perks as well.......and as someone that is no longer required to raise money (shhhh!) I thought maybe I'd entertain you for a few minutes as to why I'm there 3-4 times a month all winter:

#1 - Show Me The Money! - Let's not beat around the bush some point this whole project is about raising dough, yes? The fact is that by crankin' some nachos or $1 beers @ VA you 'll be compensated to the tune of $10-$12 an hour. (It varies) That go right into your Ride Account, no muss, no fuss. And here's the real hot set up - this is a great way for your friends and fam to help you out! Maybe your sister can't stroke you a big check every season - but maybe she can work VA w/ you? Now you've doubled your $, just like that. (Bring more workers - make more coin. Pretty simple, huh?)

#2 - You Get to Hang w/cher Teammies - This is my fav reason! Let's face it - not all of us are gonna ride all Winter - inside or out - and I'd hate to go all wi9nter not seeing as many of your smilin' faces as I can. The camaraderie (and potential pre and post shift social opportunities) more than make up for the sweat and the grease!

#3 - It's Kinda a Weird Kinda Way - I gotta 'fess up here.....I kinda like it. The people watching is off-the-hook and there's just enough food service in my past and my DNA that I actually dig it. Usually. (And besides - as I may have mentioned - I get to hang wit'choo guys!)

#4 - You Occasionally Get To Hear Good Bands (for free!) - Okay....not gonna lie...for a Dedicated Music Snob such as yours truly...that's kind of a stretch. (Mark Knoffler was awesome last month though when he opened for Dylan) but could happen! They get quite a few Honest To Goodness Big Names there - and although you can't see 'em you can for dang sure hear'em just fine!

That about sums it up (plus I reckon I've reached the end of your attention span / tolerance / interest!)

I hate to see Cindy struggling every week to fill the spots they've allotted for us and it'd be a HUGE DRAG for some of your team mates if we lost this method of fund raising.

So - give it a try if you've not done so. Maybe try it again if it's been awhile (there have been some positive changes!). Feel free to ask me or one of the other regulars (Cindy, Tom Miller, LTP, Mike Howard) for the scoop and a few tips about where to park, what to wear, how to get in, etc and think about joining us.

Did I mention the free "food"?

You guys rock - have I ever told you that?

Have a wonderful and safe holiday and ride on!

Coach MC

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