Monday, April 28, 2014


'Twas a hardy group of T1d - fighting warriors that gathered at the Clark's house yesterday...ready, willing (well - mostly) & able to saddle up and fight a howling wind. We broke into 3 groups, rolled out on the traditional Early-Season-Ride-From-Clark's route and hung out back at the house afterwards to put the hurt on a couple pots of soup, a veritable mound of cupcakes and assorted other offerings.

In other words - we had a blast!

Roll Call:

Coach Michelle
Chris R
Kirsten D
Coach Did
Tom & Mary S
Team G-Ville Clark (minus Anna)
Cliff & Nicole
Megan T
Tom M
Kevin C
Becky & Chris M (let the record show that they rode their bikes to the ride! HARD core!)
John J
Coach Me

and Coach Kaat joined us after she got outta work to make sure we were re-fueling properly!

It was a good day - Katie C debuted her new bike, Megan was rockin' her kickstand (that's how she rolls!), everyone rode well and as a group we were - as usual - cooler than average!

Our next Team Ride is this comin' Sunday from Ada Park - watch FB and your e-mail for the details!

Keep riding!
Keep rockin'!
Keep being the special folks that you are!

See you soon,

Coach MC on behalf of your coaches (Derek, Kaat, Michelle) and your Ride Committee (Tom M, Mary, Becky, Kim, Cindy, Did, Michelle)

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