Tuesday, January 22, 2008


What biking in 9° weather looks like.

Not shown: huge pile of stinky spandex in the laundry.



club-velo said...

How do we tell that's you, Hmmmm?

(Actually........that's a good look for the DiD-ster, don'cha think?)


did said...

Hey, that's my number from Asheville!

Hate to disappoint ya, but the red mask didn't last long - those little breathing holes don't allow much airflow when yer huffin' and puffin' through the snow, breaking your own trail...


Nicole said...
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Patti Bills said...

Hey, isn't there something missing from that pic besides the stinky laundry? Um... like the 9-degree weather? Looks like a cozy 9 degrees with that indoor background goin' on, Did! (I'm such a twerp, eh?)


The Cruise Director said...

I was thinking that DID was missing his axe.

Peg said...

Another colorful moment with Derek also pronounced Da-wreck. ooopppsss...bad vibes for a biker!
Ride On...Peg

Lolly said...

Scare-y. People in Texas get the death penalty for that look. RIDE ON, Did!

club-velo said...

Hey DiD!

Rode about and hour and a half last night. It was 15 degrees when we started at 6:30 and dropped pretty steady as the stars came out. Wore a wool balaclava and when I got back I was afraid that takin' it off was gonna bust my whole beard off! One big frozen ball of drool, sweat, spit and snot. Man....this is a glamourous sport, eh? No wonder all the Beautiful People do it!

I've never tried a facemask or googles......I just pull the bottom of the balaclava up higher when it gets extra-brutal and then remind myself to stay outta the 7-11. (And Texas!)

Remember....Double Flahute Points for riding more miles than the air temp!

Flahute - A Belgian (actually Flemish) word used to describe the "hard men" of that region that are out there all winter riding a bazillion kilometers w/ the sleet comin' down sidewaysas they get ready for another l-o-n-g season.

Nicole said...

I love to ride, but you people are crazy.

did said...

See, my great-grandfather Broer Doekeles Dykstra, who was born in Friesland, would say "If you want to know me, you must know that I was born on the shores of the North Sea." On the cover of the biography my grandfather wrote of him, there was a picture of him riding a bicycle (which he called The Wheel).

Me, all my HTFU is used up; I'm fighting the Plague, or possibly a cold, so I played hooky today and spent all day in bed with a warm cat (I tell ya, there's nothing happier than my pet cat Erik when I'm immobile) and the last Harry Potter book. Read the whole thing, and now my neck hurts. Wanna know how it ends? Harry wins.

I used the helmetcam Tuesday for a 5 minute ride 'round the block. I'm working on getting the video massaged and uploaded; it's a pain because the cam doesn't want to have anything to do with our Macs at home here, so I gotta shuttle files back and forth from work. First impression? I'm simply whelmed. Not over, not under, just whelmed.

Anywho, am I rambling? I'd better go snort some more Nyquil.


Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

I'm with Nicole. There are nice indoor sports for the winter, like basketball, swimming, drinking beer.