Friday, January 18, 2008

Here We Go!

Below are the people that have weighed in so far with solid 2008 Ride commitments. If your name isn't below yet, add your thoughts and inspire more dialogue with teammates and colleagues by using the 'comments' feature at the bottom of this post. We will add those comments people provide back to this original post. This will allow the Chapter office to keep all of our preferences in one place. Bookmark this page and check back often for updates on what our team is up to! Ride on!

Death Valley

Mary & Tom Scheidel
Nicole Nelles
Steve & Katie Clark
Rob Andro
Rod Stephens
Brad Spooner
Derek Dykstra
Rick Blackmar
Paul & Kathy MacBride
Amy Fisher
Melanie & Scott Williamson
Kevin Owens
Joe Schmieder
Mike Howard
Mark & Terri Heeren
Ross Schueller

Asheville (Party Bus style!?)
Jeff Wert
Jack Clark
Kevin C


Lolly Stirling (going wherever HMI goes)


Melanie said...

Amy, Melanie and Scott are in for Death Valley AGAIN!!

The Cruise Director said...

Chuck and I would like Asheville if we can get a group to go.

JoeC said...

OK....I'm in for the fourth consecutive year to Death Valley!
Joe Schmieder

KO said...

After much thought and careful consideration, I am definitely going back to Death Valley 2008! I see a lot of the same folks that made last year such an inspirational and awesome experience are going back as well. That seals the deal,'s DV for me baby!
-Kevin Owens

ZipMike said...

DV for me. I gotta finish one of these days.

Jack Clark said...

Life Valley it is for me as well. & welcome to Scott Williamson! It's gonna be great to have you on the West Michigan team. I look forward to riding with you.


Jack said...

Ok, somewhat of a revision to my previous post. We are discussing sort of a "party bus" ride to the Ashville location in August. Herb, Brenda, Peggy, Dawn, Kevin C & myself & others would like to investigate whether this would be do-able. We are thinking of renting a bus & when we get to Ashville rolling out of the bus kind of like Jeff Spicoli & his friends when they got to the end-of-the-year dance in Fast Times @ Ridgement High. You guys know what I'm talking about.

Is this a possibility? If we get a group together willing to arrange transportation to & from Ashville, will that be OK?

The interest in Ashville seems to be high. So Mary, if you can let us know if we can pursue something to that end, that would be appreciated.

Jack "All I Need are Some Tasty Waves, a Cool Buzz, & I'm Fine" Clark

Mark & Terri Heeren said...

The van was a much easier ride into that gentle breeze that welcomed you back to the ranch. With that in mind Terri & Mark will be glad to join the Death Valley crew for our 4th year and this year we will be back in the saddle with the rest of you. We will be going out on the 15th (it's my birthday this time) to Las Vegas and returning the 21st or 22nd.

ceningolmo said...

Ross Schueller for Death Valley please.