Monday, September 14, 2009

Ride Report - 09/14/09

Well, 'twas a small-ish yet select group that gathered @ Townsend Park yesterday for our 1st "post Killington / pre Death Valley" training ride. Must've been the lousy weather that kept folks home! (Not) We had a great ride - up and over the rolling hills of the Honey Creek / Pettis / Knapp loop south of the park and then up north as far as M-57 and back around. Not a super long ride but it was great to have a chance to get together, share tales of road snakes, plastic bags and newspapers under jerseys! (You had to be there!)

Roll Call:

Cindy A
Brenda B
John J
Brian B
Heather A
Kathy H
Chris M
Steve-n-Katie C
Derek D
Linda C
Tom-n-Mary S (proving that proximity does not = timeliness!)
Chris R joined us later out on the road.
and your faithful reporter.

We did about 46 miles, ate a lotta chips and salsa, cookies and such, basked in the sun and in general had a great time!

Thanks to all the VT riders that came out to motivate their DV-bound brethren!

Next week is the Harvest Tour hosted by Peggy Miller up in Leelanau, the Apple Cider Century is the week after that & stay tuned for up-to-the-minute info on upcoming traiing rides and team events!

Be well, ride lots and for all you do!

Coach Mike

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did said...

Don't feel bad, T&M - I left home at 8:20, and between Stimulus projects and Sunday drivers I didn't get there until 9:55...