Monday, September 28, 2009


It was a select group that met @ Smallenberg Park here in Holland for the Team Ride last Saturday. It was gratifying to see a goodly # of the DV-bound squad and equally sweet to enjoy the presence of our Vermont brethren! Here's the Honor Roll:

Linda C (DV)
Cathy P to the T (VT and tandem-bound due to her still busted wrist)
Derek D (VT)
John J (DV)
J.D. (DV)
Nick M (DV)
Chris M (DV)
Coach Nic (VT)
Pete D (DV)
Pablo P (DV)
Special (and temporary) Guest Star Rick K
and your trusty reporter and tandem pilot.

We did a nice lil' fiddy miler - headed east at first and then worked our way down into the K-Zoo River valley and out around Hutchin's Lake. We stopped in Douglas for a Jasker-induced visit to the cookie store and then back home. Afterwards most of us found our way over to the New Holland Brewery where we ate burgers and pizza, enjoyed frosty adult beverages and tried to keep Nicole away from the TV showin' the MSU game. Good fun!

One more pre-Death Valley Team Ride! It's this Sunday and the details are being finalized right now. Stay tuned!

Have we mentioned the extent to which y'all rock lately?
Your proud and humbled coaches.......Nic and MC


Anonymous said...

All good rides include a cookie stop!

MC said...

C'mon Jasker - you don't hafta hide behind that "anonymous" moniker!