Friday, November 6, 2009

A Fundraising Reminder

Now that the 2009 season is drawing to a close (the thank you party is next Saturday) it's time to start thinking about 2010. Specifically, how to raise money for next year's ride. Some folks are already volunteering at the VanAndel Arena, which is a great way to build up quite a bit of cash. Another easy way to make money is with XS Energy Drinks. We received a pallet load of XS this summer and there is still some left. The deal works like this: A case of energy drinks has 12 eight ounce cans. The cost is $15 per case that goes to your individual ride account. You can drink the XS yourself or sell it to friends and neighbors. The retail cost is $24 a case so this is a very good deal. I'd also like to get this stuff out of my garage before the snow flies. If you want some XS please email Tom or Mary. We will be able to bring some to the party next weekend. See you then and happy fundraising.

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