Friday, November 20, 2009


First off I goota tell y'all that this place we're headquartered in here in Tucson is over-the-top ridicu-awesome! Google "Marriott Starr Pass sometime when you get a sec and see for yourself! The Bike Room is a huge permanent "tent" behind the resort and is big enough to hold all 85 bikes w/ room left over to test ride them inside!

I got here about noon yesterday - an old friend picked me up and I've been here since. Got the Bike Room set up and the truck unloaded last night and started tuning and assembling bikes this morning about 6:30 local time. W/ a couple breaks I worked straight through 'til about 30 minutes ago so it's been your basic 16 hour day. All 60-some are tuned, assembled, aired up and ready though, so that's good.

Tomorrow is the Tune-Up Ride, a trip down to the big ride Expo for an additional safety meeting and who knows what else?

And hopefully I'll have the juice to fill you in!

Later, MC

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