Thursday, July 8, 2010


If you ordered one of the famous "Pink Pancreas Peloton" jerseys the wait is over!

If you work @ the Spring Lake HM facility Coach Did picked yours up today and will be delivering it soon

If you ordered (and paid for) one - it's @ Velo City waitin' for you. Coach Did will also have the box of jerseys w/ him @ the Holland Hundred. (And we'll have 'em at all the Team Rides 'til they're gone)

If you ordered one but have yet to pay for it - it's @ Velo City....but it's not on "hold" and there's no guarantee that someone else won't buy it. (So get'cher butt down here is what I'm sayin')

Wow - can you believe it's Holland Hundred time already!?!?!?!? I sure can't believe that I'll be in VT a week from now, at the first Ride to Cure of 2010! As bummed as I am to be missing the HH I can't wait to get this season rolling - 'cuz it's gonna be the best ever!

You guys have fun and be safe next weekend as you rock the HH and the Team Ride the following day - I'l be thinkin' about 'cha!

You guys rock - and I'll never get tired of telling you all that!

Coach Mike

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