Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Team Note, Team Ride, Team Stuff!

Hey all!

If you're going to LaCrosse to ride, you've got about 430 hours of training time left.

I don't think we've got anyone going to Tahoe, but it's about 1,125 hours to ride time there.

Death Valley folks, you've got about 1,940 hours to go.

Tucson? About 2,780 hours.

Let's have a team ride, shall we? This Sunday we'll do 50-somethingish miles (with a shorter option or two, natch') from Mike and Teresa Howard's place with an 11 am rollout time; check your email for a map to their house. If you happen to have some goodies floating around your house and you need help eating them, bring 'em along, I expect you'll find some takers. Maybe I'll give a watermelon-peeling demonstration.

See ya this weekend!

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