Saturday, August 7, 2010


So - as you might be aware - we're throwing a big all day ride here @ the shop on Sunday. On the off-chance that the idea of a 200 mile ride is less than compelling I wanted y'all to know that there will be several shorter options.

Here's the scoop:

We're rolling @ 6:40am (approx, 'cuz everything about a Shut Up & Ride Club ride is "approx") to do a loop of the Holland Hundred from 2006. That'll be a somewhat different route than this year's to allevate boredom, plus we'll probably go backwards as well. So you could join us for that..or a portion thereof.

We'll be rollin' back to (or at least near) the shop sometime in the early afternoon.....hard to say exactly when 'natch....and then we're heading up to G.H. so you could climb aboard the train for that chunk as well. After we get back from G.H. (Nope - no hill repeats!) we;ll see how many miles we need and probably head out N.E. of Zeeland.

Feel free to gimme a call as we roll through the day to see when/where you might could hook up w/ us. 616-610-0334

Whether I have the pleasure of your company tomorow or not - you guys re-define "rocking" and as I head out to don my Head Coach Cap @ the LaCrosse Ride next week I promise to never forget that first, foremost and forever I'm a proud member of the West Michigan JDRF Ride Team. Y'all have a great, safe and fun training ride next Sunday - I hate like hell to miss it! - and I'll try and regale you w/ tales of Cheeseheads and all things Wisconsin-ish!

Ride on you rockstars!

Coach Mike

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