Monday, August 9, 2010

Team Ride Approacheth yet again

HiHo, did the coach here, quietly melting in the 400% humidity and thinking wistfully of the nice dry desert air... aaaaah, dry heat. So nice. Barely two months away...

Anyway, gotta keep riding, eh? So, Team Ride this Sunday, August 15! Sadly, we'll be minus Coach MC, as he'll be rolling home from the LaCrosse, Wisconsin ride - but then again, he's going to a JDRF Ride Event so my sympathy is somewhat limited.

On that note, hey, our bus driver extraordinaire Kevin Owens will be over there, as will Justin Barnaby from Ithaca, MI and our suburban Chicago father-and-daughter teammates Mike and Jamie Colgan. Someday, we will all meet the Justin and Colgans; until then, hey, they're part of the greater Us and so... propel them with your thoughts on Saturday!

So, how 'bout all y'all come riding up my way this time? How 'bout we ride from Lions Park (mappity map: in Whitehall? We ain't never done that before! How 'bout we plan on... well, hold on a sec, here. New concept in team rides!

I have two loops. One loop is a bit shy of 41 miles, and goes South of Whitehall in to North Muskegon. It's basically flat, and pretty scenic. You'll see Lake Mich-e-coli up close.

Loop two is a bit shy of 31 miles, goes North up to New Era, and is... rolling. Now, none of the big hills are as vicious as the ones I subjected my wife too last Friday (I was the recipient of some emphatic non-verbal communication after those), and in fact are very reminiscent of Jubilee Pass in terms of grade, if not length. They're good training. Really.

So, how 'bout this: if you want to hit the hilly route, be at the start at 9:45 so we can roll out at 10 am. Note that due to this route being basically out-and-back, you could cut off some of the hills quite easily.

If you not feeling like you wanna bust an up, or if the early start doesn't work for ya, be at the start at 12:15 and we'll shoot for a 12:30 pm rollout for the 40-something Beach Route.

The two combined will be about 71.5 miles of really nice riding.

And then we'll sit around and do some noshing - not gonna grill or anything, but feel free to bring some of the usual snacks and stuff.

Clear as mud? Smart as a rock? Tight as a... not very tight thing? Contact me if you've got questions; my info will be in your email, if you don't have it already...



Goodrich Park is the site of the White Lake Maritime Festival - they'll be cleaning up from that Sunday morning, so we'll start the ride from a park basically across the street from there. Once we're done riding, Goodrich Park should be available so we can all go over there and play on the playground equipment.


Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

Beware when MC or Did calls a route "rolling".

did said...

To be fair, it's both rolling, and unrolling.

Tom and Mary Scheidel said...


Nicole said...

Once it's been rolled, does it re-roll as well?

did said...

dIt may even Rick-Roll...