Tuesday, January 4, 2011


As is the case every year - we plan to have a team representing JDRF @ the U.C.C. next month. For those of you that haven't been before - here's the scoop:

This is a fund raiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It's a 24 hour team indoor relay ride. It's Friday & Saturday Feb 18/19 this year, at Ridgepoint Church on the east side o' Holland. We'll have a trainer set up, you show up w/ your bike and ride as much or as little as ya want.

Our main goal in participating - aside from breakin' a sweat, hangin' out, the rare joy of seein' Katie Clark on a bike in the winter, curiosity as to how many hours Kaat'll ride, etc - is to represent our Team (aka The World's Coolest Team) @ an event w/ a lotta riders and m-a-y-b-e have a chance to talk up the Ride Program, y'know?

The "fee" to ride is $35 bucks. They encourage you to raise more but it's optional and we sorta have another goal when it comes to that, right? To join in the fun go to www.ultimatecyclechallenge.com and then to "registration". Select "JDRF West Michigan" from the team list and go to it. You get a t-shirt too!

Then - contact me here @ the shop and we'll get you set up w/ a time slot. It runs from 8pm - 8pm and most folks ride an hour @ a time. You can ride as much or as little as you wanna.

It's kinda fun - it's a Good Cause, you can hang wit'cher teammies, get a workout, enjoy the near-around-the-clock entertainment and live music (including my band) and do your part to kick cancer in the junk.

How could that be a bad thing, huh?

So - check your schedule, register, lemme know that you did and we'l go for a ride and have us a time, eh?

You guys freakin' ROCK, have I mentioned that lately?

Coach MC

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