Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, as I type this we are egg-zac-lee 24 days & 5.5 hours from the start of the 2011 Ultimate Cycle Challenge! As all y'all are hopefully aware - I am referring to the 24 hour Lance Armstrong Foundation Indoor Team Relay Ride. As you are all also hopefully aware - we will once again be fielding a team - w/ the intention of spreading the word about our favorite cause, give another worthy cause a boost, get together and break a sweat! The event runs from 8pm on Feb 18 guessed it.....8pm Feb 19.

So - here's how YOU can get involved:

Go to and register. It's gonna set ya back 35 bux, but (besides the aforementioned good cause) you're gonna get a t-shirt, eats and lotsa entertainment.

Then go to "Teams" - find "JDRF West Mi" in the menu and click it!

Then take a peek @ the current schedule of what time slots are open, pick an hour (or more) and shoot me an email ( or a call (616-355-2000 here @ work) and I'll get'cha all set up.

Seriously - this event is a hoot! Where else can you ride your "nowhere bike", maybe see Katie Clark on a bike in February, see a buncha live bands, plenty of chessy '90's music videos, watch Coach Derek try and spell "Moab" on the mat beneath his bike w/ his sweat drops & hang wit'cher homies on the World's Coolest Team?!?!?!??!!?!?

Sure hope to see you there!

This schedule is current as of 1/24/11 @ 2:43pm

8pm - Linda C
9pm - Joe Kovaks
10pm - Coach Giddy Diddy
11pm - Ditto
Midnight -
1am -
2am -
3am -
4am -
5am -
6am -
7am -
8am - Tom Miller
9am - Maggie Stone
10am - Ditto
11am - Brad Spooner
noon - Ditto
1pm - Katie Clark
2pm - Steve Clark
3pm - Becky Machuta
4pm - Kirsten Dykstra
5pm - Ditto

- As you can see, there are plenty of spots open. As you can also see - that "Ditto" dude is riding a bunch!

So - get registered - let me know when you wanna ride and ride we shall!

Keep rockin' you rock stars!
Coach Mike


did said...

Don't discount those middle-of-the-night slots, folks. Sometimes it's best to not be completely aware of what you're doing...

MC said...

E.O.M. Update for y'all - As of this writing the open spots are 2, 3, 4, and 5 am. If no one wants 'em I think it's safe to say that the HellKaat, Did, Kirsten or myself will cover them but it'd be a DANG SHAME for you gus to miss this weird-n-wonderful event so feel free to step up!

Also - todayis the deadline to register if you wanna guarantee that you'll get a t-shirt!

Jus' sayin'.

Coach MC

Kirsten said...

I think Derek needs more hours. He's kinda slackin' with only 2. Really, that's HALF the time his wife is putting in. He's letting himself get beaten by a girl. Lame.