Sunday, February 20, 2011

Death by GPS

There was an article in the Travel section of today's Grand Rapids Press talking about Death Valley. Specifically it was discussing how the lack of cell phone coverage and spotty GPS has caused deaths there recently. In August of 2009 one woman was stranded for 5 days, had run out of water and her six year old son had died. According to the ranger who rescued her "She turned down a wrong road. She said she had been following her GPS unit." The article went on to say that people overly depend on their technology and it gives them a false sense of security. It's not just technology to blame for some of the recent tragedies, poor planning and faulty judgement also come into play. Also, a lot of people want to visit in the middle of the summer when the temperatures are over 120 degrees. The article concluded by saying that in the past 15 years over a dozen people have died of heat related illnesses.

The reason I mention this is to say that it's never to early to start hydrating. Hope to see everyone for some hydrating at New Holland during our team kick-off party next Sunday.

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