Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011! Team! Ride! Number! One!

Alrighty then, let's get this show on the road! Literally!

Our first team training ride will be this coming Sunday, April 3. Here's the particulars:

Rollout time: 2 p.m. - aim to be there and ready to ride by 1:45 or so.
Start Location: Ada Township Park, in the lot by the tennis courts off Buttrick Ave.

For the riding, I'm figuring that we'll just go out on Grand River Drive towards Saranac. It'll be an out-and-back course, so you'll be able to do basically any distance up to maybe 28 miles. I'll note some places to turn around to get specific distances. It's pretty much flat. The weather forecast, right now at least, looks to be pretty darn decent, partly sunny with temperatures in the upper 40s.

Post-ride snacky bits? You Betcha! Feel free to bring some of your own, if you want.


MC said...

Hey Team!
Imagine my distress at the very NOTION of missing the First Team Ride of the Season but that's the hard truth! I'll be in Belgium watching the Tour of Flanders but a huge chunk of my heart and mind will be ridin' alongside you guys as you kick off the year in style!

As we roll into our 7th season as The World's Coolest Team there's a ton to be excited about - we have lotsa new team mates, the Program is on a roll, it's gonna be a GREAT year!

So - have a great ride on Sunday, let's get off to a safe and rockin' start. I'm gonn asend a bag of extra warm-ish gear w/ Linda so feel free to help yourself. (I'm told that I WILL need some of it for my ride on Saturday!)

I'll be lookin' forward to the stories!

You guys RAWK, you know that, right?

Coach MC

did said...

I'll also have a spare bin o' warmth, for those of you on the taller end of the bell curve, and both Kaat and Kirsten can handle the female end of the spectrum, so don't let any vague threat of non-specific inclement weather scare you off!