Friday, March 4, 2011


THIS MONDAY, MARCH 7 (NOON EST) is when registration opens for the 2011 JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes.

Please note, many of our teammates are planning to travel to Death Valley this year. If you’re included in this group, it’s important to know that THIS RIDE WILL FILL UP. Fast. If you are even sort of considering Death Valley, we highly suggest you register for it ASAP on Monday. You can change your ride site later if you change your mind.

So, how do you sign up?
On Monday, visit and choose "Register." Fill out the form. There will be an option to select your chapter via zip code. Just be sure you end up with the Michigan Great Lakes West Chapter (and let us know if it tries to put you somewhere else!).

You will be required to pay a $100 non-refundable fee (think of it as your first donation, from yourself!) via credit card (new this year also, PayPal and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)) to secure your spot.

Locations to choose from (read Coach MC’s review of each site here):

Burlington, VT July 28-31

La Crosse, WI August 11-14

Lake Tahoe, NV September 9-12

Death Valley, CA October 13-16

Tucson, AZ November 17-20

Fundraising options for all Ride locations:

$4,000 (Gold) - You don't worry about anything other than showing up at the airport at appointed time. Airfare, bike transportation, ground transportation, hotel, and meals (Thurs pm – Sun am; excluding lunch on Fri) are covered. All Ride day logistics and support are covered too. No worries.

$3,000 (Silver) – You are responsible for getting yourself and your bike to the Ride location. Hotel and meals are covered (Thurs pm – Sun am; excluding lunch on Fri). All Ride day logistics and support are covered too.

$2,000 (Bronze) – You are responsible for all travel and accommodations expenses for the Ride. Your meals are, however, covered (Thurs pm – Sun am; excluding lunch on Fri). All Ride day logistics and support are covered too.

If you aren't sure which option will work best for you, make your best guess and sign up Monday anyway—our Chapter staff can change your fundraising package if necessary up until a date that’s TBD (we’ll let you know when that’s coming). It’s just important to secure your spot on Monday.

If you have concerns or questions, leave a comment and we'll be sure to get you answers.

See you on the road...SOON!


Chris R said...

LaCrosse for the Radford Family - looking at renting an RV and making a vacation out of it. Possibly 5 riders from the Radford Clan if fundraising goes well!

Nicole said...

That's fantastic, Chris! What a cool, cool idea. See you soon!