Sunday, July 24, 2011

(S)team Ride Report

Yarp, 'twas a steamer indeedie! But, by the standards of the last few days, it was relatively pleasant. Of course, the real pleasentry came from the company we all kept, in one or the other or both of our 30 and 40 mile loops:

Superhosts Nicole & Cliff
Tom S.
Cupcake Mary
Tom M.
Mike H.
Linda C.
John VDB
Diana S.
Stacey O.
Dawn R., previewing what "Trikin' Dawn" would look like
Kevin C.
Transportation hero Joe K.
and Me, with my ultra-super little dude Dane, who is closing in on 800 miles of riding this year!

I'm gonna keep this short, as there's gonna be a fair chunk of info coming your way shortly regarding, well, other stuff, but, this was an awfully nice way to spend 70 miles! I saw a lot of you folks riding really, really well today; we're inside 3 months to Death Valley, and I think that in general we're in a good place on the bike.

Sure would be cool if we could have walk-in coolers to hang out in in DV, eh?

Special thanks to Cliff, for opening up his very new house to us (and letting us use his showers, which felt so good that I'm pretty sure must have poured forth unicorn tears), and to the ever-awesome Nicole, for the delish pile of kebabs that greeted us after the showers!

Next team ride will be in 2 weeks, on August 7, in the East GR area - details, as always, will be here.

The rocking, today - it rocked!

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