Monday, July 18, 2011

(S)team Ride: Sunday 7.24

The FAQ:

What is it?
Team + friends + past team + whoever ride. Two loops around Saugatuck/Douglas/Fennville/Hamilton. Food afterward.

RSVP here or on Facebook is greatly appreciated.

When is it?
Sunday, July 24
10:00am roll - Loop 1, 30ish* miles
12:30pm (approx) roll - Loop 2, 40ish** miles

Where is it?
Cliff & Nic's place. Huge bummer, the bridge & ramp at US-31 & Blue Star/Washington/58th in Holland (if you're coming from the north, this is the way the directions will say to go) is closed. Follow posted detours and you'll find us. Just plan on an extra 5-10 minutes of driving. If you're coming from anywhere but north, this won't affect you.

Where can I park?
So, we're kinda new to this hood, and we don't want to bum out our new neighbors with cars parked all along the road. So, we'll ask that the first six cars' worth of people use our driveway, and then we're gonna ask you to park about 5 houses away (our cars + a sign will be there) from our house in this common area thingy. It's a teeny walk/bike ride to our house from where your car will be, but not too bad. Promise. Thanks for understanding.

I've got kids. Is that a good enough excuse not to ride?
Not this time, friend. You're on your own for Loop 1, but there's little reason why you couldn't do Loop 2. Nicole is gonna hang back for the 2nd loop to get food ready and is happy to watch kiddos. She might make them work, but's good for 'em. We've got a play room for younger ones, and TV for bigger ones.

What's for food?
Nic's gonna doctor up some tasty grilled chicken/veggie kabobs, and probably something fun for the side. It'd be awesome if you wanted to partake in something pot-luckish. Even if that means a package of Oreos or whatever. Bring your own drinks too.

Can I un-stink?
Yep! We have showers that'll be available. Bring your own towel if you can--we don't have enough for all of the stink that pours off this group.

What's the forecast?
Look! It'll cool off on Sunday to a relatively chilly 89 90 degrees. Better dress in layers. Heh.

* - You know what this means.
** - Seriously, don't take Derek's mileage estimates too literally.


J D Stone said...

will we get our shirts?

J D Stone said...

Will there be food between rides?