Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bike Room Verse

So - I'm not quite ready to write about DV yet.....gimme a few days. (Don't let that stop ya'll though - hint!) but I was goin' through the huge pile of receipts and stuff from the last 2 Rides and I found some haiku and other stuff from the Tahoe Ride. It turns out that Patti "Pea" Bills shares my fondness for playin' with words and we started taping little notes all over the wall of the Bike Room w/ our respective efforts at capturing the mood. Since there's not really anywhere else to put it - here ya go:

From lycra and sweat
Riders forge their own stories
Of hope and a cure (MC)

On Ride to Cure eve
Riders, coaches, families
anticipate joy (PB)

Bike Room Onomatopoeia:
Snap Crackle Pop
Whirl Whrrr Grind Turn Squeak & Squish
Slide Spin Crank & Smile (PB)

Greasy hands throbbing
bikes leaving boxes behind
BikeFace in the air (MC)

There once was a wrench wench named Pea
Her skills were there for all to see
She'd put 'em together
No matter the weather
And actually did it for free! (MC)

Riders wear stories
of diagnosis and hope
on bikes and in hearts (PB)

Quiet in the Bike Room
nervous stomachs try to sleep
pedals await cleats (MC)

Anyway.......ignore at will!


did said...

find a shady place
ignore cameras and rest
coyote wisdom

pbills said...

well, well done, DID!