Monday, October 3, 2011

The Updated Death Valley Primer

It's been a year since Tom Scheidel wrote this invaluable thing, and pretty much all of it is valid. There are a couple of updates, though, numero uno being cell phone coverage. Due to a stubby little tower right near the playgroud, there is now one billion times more cell phone coverage. AT&T folks even get 3G data; Verizoners have to make due with just coverage. Once you're away from the oasis, though, that coverage drops away reeeeal fast.

That said, anyone caught holed up in their room on Facebook will be have their phone mailed to Cuba, and will be forced to pick all the fleas off of Mr. Coyote's nether regions.

I'm not sure we mentioned it, but you might want to hydrate.


Kirsten said...

Riding across the state seems like a piece of cake compared to this (BTW, I think more of the West MI JDRF team should do ODRAM, next year--it's hella awesome!).

ZipMike said...

Lack of cell coverage WAS in the top 10 things I liked about the place!

Linda TP said...


Nicole said...

Ditto on the cell phone thing. Use it if you must, but mostly, turn it off and enjoy your time. There's nothing like.... wait...I'll be right back. I have to go pee.