Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leave your bike after Saturday's ride???

If any out of towners care to leave their bikes after Saturday's taco tour, I will open the garage at my old office. Don't forget the bag with your helmet, CO2's, shoes, etc....and have your name, Great Lakes West Michigan on a secure tag on the bike and the bag.

I know, parting with your wheels is difficult, so waiting till Thursday PM or Friday all day - but NO LATER THAN 5 PM may work better for you.



J D Stone said...

Only one taker

Katie said...

Steve is going to drop ours off in the windows posted on the blogs and in the email. We'll have them there by 5pm Thursday or Friday!

Thanks for offering your place and helping with this JD! It makes it a LOT easier for our riders and for the loaders.