Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Team Ride SATURDAY notice!

Hey rock stars! Like the email said we're doin' a team ride this SATURDAY, September 17, starting from Richmond Park in GR (MMMmmmap:, rollout time will be 9am SHARP so be ready to roll by 8:45 or so.

Why the emphasis on punctuality? Well, we're gonna meet (and possibly photobomb) some other cool folks at the JDRF Walk to Cure, and they start hoofin' it at 10, so we wanna get there before that to, y'know, spread Ride Coolness!

It goes without sayin' that wearing some sort of JDRF kit would be the thing to do, right?

Oh, riding: I guess something in the 50 mile range, with options to easily shorten. Bring snacky food if ya want and we'll chow a bit post-ride. No crazy potluck this time, though.

On SUNDAY, there's an opportunity to 'cross things up a bit - the KissCross series will stop at Highland Park for some barrier-hopping good times. Come watch, or better yet join in to the wild rumpus - race time is 11am for the 30-minute C-race, so show up at 10 or so to register, warm up, pre-ride the course, and soak up the fun. Mountain bikes work just fine! Pictures from last week's season kickoff at Plaster Creek Park are online here - see how many folks you know are already doing this????

Oh, and... ONE MONTH FROM TOMORROW IS DEATH VALLEY RIDE DAY. My productivity is already starting to suffer...

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