Sunday, September 11, 2011

LAKE TAHOE RIDE REPORT ,DAY 4 we are. The bikes are ready, the riders are ready, the crew is ready. The course awaits. Lake Tahoe sits there, probably unimpressed w/ our efforts - but if it knew the power, the passion and the outright burning drive that is assembled here @ the Embassy Suites it might think different!

Today was a great day. We hit breakfast @ 7:00 then Berger & Pea fired up the Bike Room while I hit the Coach's Meeting. After that we had the Rider's Meeting then the Tune Up Ride. The loop went out the back of the hotel lot, looped around through town,down to the shore of the lake then back up and around. And when I say "up" I mean it! The climb back up to the lot was a grim reminder that the air is 25% thinner 'round here!

After the ride and an hour or so in the shop we closed for lunch. Lunch was awesome! Brother Roy treated us to the tram ride up to the top of the mountain.....9100-some feet above sea level and flat out bee-yoo-ti-ful in every direction. We ate in the lodge up there, jumped back in the tram and were back @ it by 2:00. I had the Bike Fit Seminar @ 2:30, shared the Cycling 101 discussion w/TsC @ 3:30 then headed back to the shop. (Didn't need to - Pea and Berger had it handled!)

Then - dinner time. Good vibe in the room, good was great. Tim and I split the emcee (har!) duties and the reviews were kind so at least I didn't embarrass myself or you guys! Green and Yellow jerseys were awarded, folks were recognized and thanked, BikeFace was discussed and then we sort of called it a night.

Another brief stint in the shop, a nice chat w/ TsC & Coach Keith from Dallas I am.

In 8 hours or so we'll roll out. In 20 or so we'll be done & (hopefully!) another successful ride will be in the books.

I'll let you know!

Good night team, you rock - but you know that, right?



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