Monday, January 2, 2012

Ultimate Cycle Challenge 2012!!!

Hey Team!

Well - it's that time again - the time when we show the world that we are SO awesome that we can take on Type 1 AND the Big C at the same time!

For those of you that haven't joined us in the past....the U.C.C. is a 24 hour Team Relay Indoor Ride to raise $ for Livestrong, that Lance guy's cancer initiative. Teams (like ours) will have a member riding continuously for the entire 24 hours. It's a TON of fun - they have live entertainment, lotsa snacks and distractions and all sorts of stuff going on.

I've always spent the entire 24 hours there (except last year when Kaat and I ran over to GR to do a 'cross race and then came back to finish)'s a blast in a weird kinda way!

Also a fantastic chance to get some miles in, see your team mates and spread the word about our team!

So - here are the details:

Date - Feb 24/25 from 8pm-8pm

Place - Ridgepoint Church in Zeeland. (Super easy access from 1-96)

How to register - Go to, chose "Join a Team", find "JDRF West Mi" from the team menu and sign up!

Then - contact me ( and we'll assign you a time slot.

After that - we'll see you there!

Questions? Check the website, e-mail me or stop in the shop!

Now that it's 2012 we're gonna be ramping up our plans for the season - stay tuned!

You guys rock - I told you that, right?

Coach MC

Feb 13 Update: the following folks have signed up for the following times:

8pm - LTP
9pm - Jason S
10pm - JD
11pm - Sarah S
Midnight - Lindsay S
1am - Kaat
2am- Kaat
3am - Kaat
4am -
5am -
6am - Walt F
7am - Walt F
8am - Tom M
9am - Roy L
10am - J2
11am - Mary G (from Chicago)
Noon -
1pm -
2pm - Linda C
3pm -
4pm - Dane D
5pm - Kirsten D
6pm -
7pm -

I'll update this every coupla days. (Note - this is ONLY for the JDRF team.....there's also a Velo City team)

Okay - by popular demand here's the Velo City team schedule as well - since there IS a certain amount of "overlap" and we'll be set up side-by-side:

8pm -
9pm - JD
10pm - Jason S
11pm - Lindsay S
Midnight - Mary G
1am - Sarah S
4am - Kaat
5am - Kaat
6am -
7am -
8am - John W
9am - John W
10am -
11am - J2
noon - Pea
1pm - Pea
2pm -
3pm - Linda C
4pm - Kirsten D
5pm -
6pm - Melissa W
7pm - Melissa W


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